Book-Cut Artworks by Thomas Allen

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What an odd dream… Doc Hammer coming over to my house to deliver an original art piece and just ends up hanging around with me while I fold clothes. I guess it’s a sign there needs to be more Venture Brothers episodes or I want to fold clothes with Doc Hammer.

Drawing can be fun

Drawing can be fun



My brother and I went to comicpalooza. He was Tiny!Tony Stark and every time he saw someone with a batman outfit or shirt or a robin costume, he would go up to them and do this, also he would give them fake money and tell them to buy something nice. 

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If God had chosen Bobby to stop the apocalypse, he would have done it in half an episode and spent the other half drinking beer and watching sports.

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I felt so angry at the UCSB massacre (an article about this incident and a script of his video’s speech) and the sexism we’re blind to everyday so I drew about my opinions on sexism to channel my rage.

I’m very happy the #YesAllWomen tag is going strong on U.S. Twitter right now. :D

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Damn it I went to bed at a reasonable time then had a nightmare to wake me up. I need a palette cleanser.


Holy shit that episode of Louie was great

Charlie Weasley would totally love Khaleesi


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Pepper Potts R.E.S.C.U.E. Armor Cosplay

Created by Angela Bermúdez

Artist: DeviantART - Facebook